Message from the CEO:
In a World full of clones today,you will find similar products,equivalent services and seemingly same quality from nearly everybody.It is often very difficult to decide between the exact product you require for your needs or who will be able to deliver the best services.There is the difference,ever so slight,which even you know,but in these times of fast moving life-style who has the time to attend every single need and corresponding doubt.
That is way it pays to have someone who has the eye for the right thing.Because there’s always a slight edge to the topper or the best,in everything.
People,the backbone of any organization are the most complicated of all machineries to place and take work from. Sometimes the best candidate may not be good enough for your industry specific requirements.Manpower management of an organizations is an area which requires an expert fine combing.That is where, we can really prove an asset to any organization looking for just the right people in the right place and rank

Our mission:
Global mindset…..a beginning:
Long before anybody else realized the potential of placing EU personnel aboard foreign vessels , we have already made huge forays in the worldwide market. With back up support of 10 years experience, our name is a name to reckon with among the overseas placement agencies .The past 10 years have not dimished our enthusiasm for exploring new vistas, for our clients or candidates,one bit.
Our constant endeavour to provide the right person for the right job has helped us unearth some of the best talent in the country for our esteemed clientele worldwide. We have a unique team of experienced manpower screening & placement specialists.
They schedule and finalize the planning.The recruitment process is purely scientific based on fool-proof appraisal of prospective employees from every conceivable angle by our panel of experts.We strive to maintain the best possible coordination between the corporates and candidates because we act an intermediary between potential employees and employers. It is our goal that we counsel and educate the prospective employee about the clients business,its creditability and its policies.we ensure that our clients get the best candidate available from the exhaustive talent pool that our country offers. We take utmost care to see that just the right people are put forward as prospective employees for our clients to choose from.

Special clients ,specializes services :
Ours is more than a conventional placement service where the interaction with clients,for the final interview and after the placements,is given equal importance.

• We arrange proper interaction with clients so as to clearly understand the job profile of the Corporates and the matching requisites of candidates.We also place advertisements in newspapers if so requested by clients.
• We arrange Open House sessions to allow potential employers to mingle with candidates so as to give them a chance to do a frank appraisal of the candidates.
We conduct interviews on behalf of the clients with the clients having the option to be present or conduct the interview at any stage.
• We have our panel of experts,if so required,to conduct General as well as Technical interviews.
• Clients can do the final selection of candidates by telephonic or live interviews.For practical interviews we have specially appointed institutes for trade tests for posts ranging from unskilled to highly skilled categories.
Post Selection:
• Counseling / Briefing selected candidates about the company and job requirements as well as about the country,its culture and way of living,work ethics,etc.We facilitate entering into contracts with candidates and clients and Follow-up with candidates and ensuring they fulfill their obligations as required under the contract.Medical formalities and checkups of employees through our medical clinics.Assistance in Visa formalities and complete travel arrangements through approved travel agencies.

Our candidates:
Our candidates are very well trained ,holding licenses and certificates with STCW endorsement, recognized all over the world. We are responsible regarding their behavior, education and professional training in multinational crews world.They are medical verified periodically, including HIV, drugs and alcohol tests,and dental recommendations.They also have good abilities in speaking and writing English and large experience in maritime work.The candidates, Masters,Ch.Engineers, Deck/Engine Officers and Ratings can cover all kind of ships. For oil rigs platforms we have personnel qualified as: mechanical engineers,engineers specialized in pumps,motormen,welders,electrical engineers with electronics back-grounds,hydraulic engineers, mechanical foremen, laboratory assistants,engineers specialized in oil and gas.

For Passenger vessel we have personnel for all departments. All personnel is well trained(U.S.P.H.,Food Handling) for many positions on board, in Purses Department, Front Office, Housekeeping Department,Galley,Food & Beverage Department,Bars & Restaurant Department. All of them speak English and some are proficient in other European languages. The main purpose of establishing this company was the need of gathering several highly experienced and motivated crews, with many years of practice at sea.The joining team is a young around the clock and ready to start a long cooperation with your company for a mutual benefit.We are built not in the conventional way that most crews house is; we have almost as any post fixture crew. We provide and all around services – not just fixing and forgetting.
We follow the crew right through the end of voyage and when a problem arise,there is positive input and best follow up is given,not just top tailing messages.All the fixtures are private and confidential for which we are fully responsible in case one of the parties it is felling frustrated due the crewing company’s behavior.