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Leasing of Personnel



We, IMS Management Ltd., are a company with more than 10 years of experience offering services in leasing of personnel, registration and contract management of maritime personnel. Our main headquarters are located now in the city of Varna, Bulgaria, European Union.
One of the main advantages of our company is that, the fees to register and obtain different compulsory visas are the lowest compared to any other
EU countries. Thus, we can obtain the Work Permit for Non-EU personnel and medical EU Insurance Card for all the crew members enrolled on our contract for a much lower cost.It is of out most importance for us to offer you qualified and experienced personnel with a strong desire to work, in exchange that we will deal with all the registration of your personnel according to Bulgaria’s current and future Work Regulations.
The recruitment and selection of the personnel will be made according to the criteria that we have agreed on.
We are experienced in obtaining the Work Permit and the Schengen visas for Indonesians and Filipinos and other non-European crew members, with the lowest taxes in the European Union.The temporary employment of your personnel will be in accordance with current The Directive on Temporary Agency Work and The Posting of Workers Directive, informing you of the updates of these legal aspects.
Seeing as we are the connection between the client and the personnel, we will ensure that all the aspects of the work contract, from recruitment, employment and ceasing, will go smoothly and correspond to your needs and requirements.


Personnel Administration:

In order to ensure a smooth process of registering your personnel and facilitate your personnel’s work availability we will:
Prepare and provide work contracts for your future personnel, according to current Regulations.

  • Register the work contract to the state’s authorities.
  • Collect and verify the time sheet for every employee.
  • Ensure that the pay of the wages will be made in the bank accounts of every employee and payment of the taxes for each salary will be made.
  • Obtain the European card of health EHIC (European Health Insurance Card)
  • A private medical insurance will be contracted for the employment period.
  • European Citizens will be granted assistance with obtaining useful forms for social security rights according to their country.
  • Providing assistance with preparing the necessary documents for obtaining a
  • Schengen Visa for Non-EU citizens (third-country nationals) and the employment formalities.
  • Granting assistance in obtaining the Schifferdienstbuch (Danube and Rhine Book)
  • for the EU and Non-EU (third-country nationals) crew members.(With Resolution
  • 2010-I-8-Annex 1, the Central Commission has adopted the Regulations for Rhine
  • navigation personnel (RPN), which came into force on 1 July 2011)


  • Regarding the process of payroll for each crew member, we will:
  • Calculate the wages and prepare the payroll (according to the time sheet received from the client)
  • Ensure that the payment of the wages will be made in the bank accounts of each employee.
  • Prepare the necessary documents for the payment of the social taxes of the employee.
  • Prepare the mandatory documents for the payment of the employer duties to the state.


Reasons why you can choose IMS Management Ltd.:

IMS Management Ltd. offers you complete and quality manning services, especially personnel leasing for River Passenger Vessels and also for: Container vessels, General Cargo, Bulk Carriers, Tankers, Ro-Ro, Dredger, Tug/Supply vessels and others.
Here are some of the advantages that you, as a client, can get by choosing our services:
Leasing of EU and non-EU (third-country nationals) personnel. Your crew members/ employees can be EU citizens or non-EU citizens, all of them with guaranteed full employees rights.
Visas for Indonesian and Filipinos crew members. IMS Management Ltd. is experienced in obtaining the Work Permit and the Schengen visas for Indonesians and Filipinos and other non-European crew members, with the lowest taxes in the European Union.
In conformity with the newest Work Code Regulations. We are up-to-date with the newest work code regulations, for EU and Non-EU personnel.
Employment contracts in any language. The employment contracts can and will be drafted in various languages (English, German, Spanish, French, Norwegian and so on), according to your needs and/or requirements.
Lowest employees taxes. Employment contracts are registered with the National Employment Agency Varna, Bulgaria, thus granting you the lowest total taxes in the European Union per crew member, no matter the rank. (from Dish-washer to Hotel Manager and from Seaman to Master).
Minimal Employees Costs. Our experience guarantees you a smooth and fast process of crew and personnel registration with minimal costs. This applies not only to new crew members, but also for current and old employees.
Qualified and experienced crew selection. Your crew members/employees are selected according to your specifications.

Contact details:
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Tel: +359 52 462910      VAT: BG204755500